Jumeirah Islands Villas for Sale

Jumeirah Island Villas & Townhouses for Sale

Nakheel Properties, a renowned Dubai real estate developer developed Jumeirah Islands as a freehold region and a magnificent home complex. It is one of Dubai’s most well-known residential islands, bringing expensive houses to the market and increasing the bar for urban development. The project has grown into a sought-after residential community over time, owing to its high-end lifestyle, beautiful houses, and desirable location. Jumeirah Islands, which opened in 2003 and was finished in 2006, is made up of 50 man-made islets, 46 of which are devoted residential clusters with themed villas and townhouses for sale. Jumeirah Islands is a great place for environment enthusiasts because these houses are set among man-made lakes.

Jumeirah Island Villas for Sale and Rent Dubai

Main Features

  • One of Dubai’s freehold areas
  • Large villas and townhouses in modern residential clusters
  • The 736 villas are built in a variety of architectural and construction styles
  • Sheikh Zayed Road is easily accessible
  • The Pavilion has a dedicated clubhouse and recreational facilities.


The island is adjacent to Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT), another property by the same developer, and is located inland from Dubai Marina. The position provides direct access to two of the UAE’s major roadways. The project is located at the intersection of Sheikh Zayed Road, E11, interchanges 5 and 6.

Importance of Location

Jumeirah Island Villas for Sale and Rent Dubai

Since 2006, many expatriates and residents have relocated to Jumeirah Islands, Dubai, to live at a charming address in the city’s heart. As a result, a varied residential area with people of various backgrounds and ethnicities might be expected. Living in Jumeirah Islands is a treat for everyone, thanks to its close-knit community, busy streets, and upmarket residential complexes.

Overview of the Community

Jumeirah Islands is an opulent area with lakeside views that is great for individuals who want to be near to nature while still being close to the city center. It was created by Nakheel to provide inhabitants with a pleasant living environment. Residents have easy access to swimming pools, jogging trails, groomed lawns, and lakefront vistas within the gated community. In addition, Jumeirah Islands is one of Dubai’s few pet-friendly communities. It is advantageous for both renting and investing in real estate.

Jumeirah Islands Villas for Sale

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About Jumeirah Island Developer

Nakheel is a significant property developer in the world. Some of the most well-known lifestyle, recreational, and retail destinations in the world are part of our portfolio. Nakheel Properties, a renowned real estate developer in Dubai, developed Jumeirah Islands as a freehold region and a magnificent home complex.

Nearby Areas


The hamlet of Jumeirah Heights is situated just above the Jumeirah Islands. The community, contrary to its name, consists of six low-rise residential buildings. Jumeirah Islands is very close to Jumeirah Park, a villa available for sale comparable to Jumeirah Islands. Nakheel Properties is the developer of both Jumeirah Park and Heights. Emaar’s Emirates Living communities are also near areas of The Springs, which is located directly next to them. The Meadows and Emirates Hills are located a little further away.

Properties Available for Sale in Jumeirah Island

Jumeirah Islands contains a total of 736 residential properties of various sizes and types. All of the units are finished to a high standard. Each villa or townhouse has 4 to 5 bedrooms and ranges in size from 5,101 to 7,200 square feet.

Based on the architectural idea, there are six separate residential clusters. Villas and townhouses in European, Islamic, Mediterranean, Oasis, Tropical and Contemporary styles are available. Portico changes are possible for the attributes in these clusters. As a result, each chosen unit is unique and exclusive. Apart from these basic architectural forms, houses on the Jumeirah Islands are divided into three categories: Garden Hall, Master View, and Entertainment Foyer.

Jumeirah Island Villas for Sale Dubai

The Entertainment Foyer 4-bed villa in European Cluster is one of the Jumeirah Islands floor plans available. On the ground level, these villas have a breakfast area, a majlis, a guest room/library, and a deck.

Villas for rent in Jumeirah Island

Anyone who can afford to spend between AED 175k and AED 860k per year can rent a property in the Jumeirah Islands. 4-bedroom villas in Jumeirah Island will set you back around AED 180k per year, and 5-bedroom villas in Jumeirah Island will set you back around AED 850k per year. Consider a 4-bedroom townhouse for rent in Jumeirah Island you want additional possibilities in the region. In the Jumeirah Islands, you can also find reasonably priced completely furnished rentals.

Villas and Townhouses for Sale in Jumeirah Island

The Jumeirah Islands are an excellent choice for individuals looking to purchase a luxury villa. On average, a 4-bedroom villa in the European cluster costs AED 5.4 million, whereas a larger 5-bedroom villa on Jumeirah Island costs AED 10 million. The Mansions are home to the majority of the 5-bed premium units. New 6-bed houses, covering 9,800 sq. ft. and costing roughly AED 14 million, have been added to the cluster. Similarly, townhouses for sale in Jumeirah Islands retail for between AED 3.1M and AED 3.6M for typical 4-bed townhomes, which is on the top end of Dubai’s real estate market.

Amenities at Jumeirah Island

Choithrams is a community supermarket offering all of the necessities as well as imported goods from the United Kingdom. For residents of the Jumeirah Islands, they also provide a home delivery service. Dominion Stores in JLT are also nearby, while the nearest Carrefour Market in Jumeirah Lake Towers is about 6 minutes away.

Masjid Bani Hashim, Masjid Al Wahhab, and Samad Mosque are just a few of the mosques on the Jumeirah Islands. The Dubai Evangelical Church Centre and United Christian Church are in the Jebel Ali neighbourhood of Dubai, about 14 minutes from the Jumeirah Islands.

Chubby Cheeks Nursery has several locations in Dubai. The Gardens, which is located within Jebel Ali Village, is the nearest, being around a 13-minute drive away. This branch provides a pick-up and drop-off service for children in the Jumeirah Islands. Oakfield Early Learning Centre and Kids Kingdom in JLT, as well as Raffles Nursery in Emirates Hills, are two other nearby alternatives.

The Jumeirah Islands Pavilion has a clinic that serves the medical requirements of the locals. Some well-known hospitals, such as Al Zahra Hospital and Saudi German Hospital, both in the Al Barsha community, are within 10 minutes or less of one other. Life Medical JLT and NMC Family Clinic are two other medical facilities in the area.


Jumeirah-Islands-Townhouses-for-SaleThe Jumeirah Islands are a collection of 50 islands where residents can enjoy the sparkling waterfalls and dynamic water flows that bring calm and joy to their lives. There are 736 resident properties on this island, each with a unique design. Island living is more comfortable than most people believe; now, anyone can buy four-bedroom villas and townhouses for rent and sale and live on an island.

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