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History of Nakheel Properties

Nakheel is one of the world’s prominent developers and one of Dubai’s premier developers. Nakheel has a vision for the 21st century in Dubai to create a top destination that is unrivaled in living, business and tourism. Nakheel has currently developed multi-purpose communities at Palm Jumeirah, The World Islands, Deira Islands, Jumeirah Islands, Jumeirah Village, Jumeirah Park, Jumeirah Heights, The Gardens, Discovery Gardens, Al Furjan, Warsan Village, Dragon City, International City, Jebel Ali Gardens and Nad Al Sheba. These projects span across 15,000 hectares and are home to over 270,000 residents. Nakheel has more than 21,000 residential units under construction or in the pipeline.

Nakheel Head Office

Nakheel’s Presence Worldwide

Nakheel Properties has established itself as a benchmark in the real estate market in Dubai. It is a major property developer and is recognized not only at a local and regional level, but on a global stage. Their projects are diverse and they have ventured into multiple industries including residential development, hospitality, retail and leisure.

Generated Revenue

Palm Jumeirah by Nakheel Properties

Off-plan properties in Dubai are focused on delivering optimal real estate development to the best of their abilities. Their positive attitude drives them to have a stronghold in the in real estate industry in the UAE. Considered an enigma, Nakheel Properties generated Dh4.38 billion in profits in the year 2018. With Dubai off-plan properties thriving, their growth strategy is to substantially increase revenue in the coming years.

Nakheel’s Past and Future Ventures

Nakheel Mall

Some of their flagship projects include the likes of Nakheel Mall on Palm Jumeirah, 1,500 villas at Nad Al Sheba and Night Market on Deira Islands. They want to focus on sustainable projects and expand into other sectors like leasing. On the residential market, the real estate developer has delivered 13,357 units in the last decade alone. Nakheel’s portfolio both current and future include 19 retail developments spanning across 17 million square feet, 24 restaurants and clubs and a combination of serviced apartments, hotels and resorts. They have a project in the pipeline on Deira Islands, 601 room, 4 star beach hotel that is looking at being completed in 2020.

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Nakheel Properties


What is the difference between mortgage in Dubai and abroad?

Not every bank or financial institution abroad offers a loan on an off-plan property unlike in Dubai. Since Dubai has a favorable payment structure getting a mortgage is easier in Dubai than abroad, as lenders will not lend on every building being built.

Why is real estate a good investment in Dubai?

Dubai has become a central destination for business, tourism, hospitality and retail. The investment sector in Dubai is booming. Investing in real estate property in Dubai is more affordable than abroad. You also benefit from lower taxes, better payment plans and lower currency rates.

Dubai has become an investor’s dream. Why?

Dubai has risen in its global presence in the last several years. The city has progressed rapidly and demonstrates an abundance of growth and success. Real estate is expanding and investors are making inroads by investing in the real estate market. There are key elements to all this, including location, prices, amenities and no taxes.

Can foreigners obtain mortgages to purchase property in Dubai?

There are primary banks and financial institutions that provide foreigners a means of obtaining a mortgage. HSBC, National Bank of Dubai, Standard Chartered Bank, Arab Bank, and United National Bank are among-st the number of lenders offering loans to expatriates.

Is Dubai European friendly?

Dubai is an urbane city that has diverse ethnicities and multicultural nationalities. There are great prospects and the opportunity for prosperity in this city. Since Dubai has opened its doors to foreigners, there is a large European establishment, with European businesses prospering.