Latest Updates on UAE Work Permit & Visa Rules

Latest Updates on UAE Work Permit & Visa Rules

Everyone including businesses have hailed the UAE’s visa reforms that allow men under their family’s sponsorship to get work permits.

According to new rule that came into effect from Sunday 28th July 2019, husbands, fathers and sons can get jobs without necessarily being under the company’s visa.

Dr Omar Al Naimi, Assistant Undersecretary for Communication and International Relations at the MoHRE, said the new rule “allows women working in the UAE to bring their family members and sponsor them, irrelevant of their professions”.

“It only sets a minimum salary for that sponsorship. It also broadened the scope of the women able to bring the family members (husband and children),” said the official.

Families and businesses said it is a progressive reform.

Expat families said they are relived as it adds another earning member to the family.

Here are some of the key facts about this new scheme:


Q: Who is entitled for the work permit?
All men who are under their family’s sponsorship are eligible.

Q: Does that also include men who are sponsored by their wives?
Yes, men sponsored by their wives can get work permit.

Q: Are men/fathers sponsored by their children eligible?
Yes, all men — fathers, young graduates — are eligible.

Q: Are all working women eligible to sponsor their male family members? Or is this open to certain professions?
The new rule applies to women of all professions. However, a minimum salary requirement is applicable.

Q: Can men of all age groups get sponsored by their female relatives?
Apart from professionals, work permits are available for teenage students as well. There are work permits of juveniles aged between 15 to 18 and also work permits for trainee students between 12 and 18 years.

Q: Where can such work permits be obtained?
At all centres of the MoHRE.

Q: When will the government start implementing the work permit?
It took effect as of Sunday, July 28.

Q: How is this work permit different from previous sponsorship rules?
Previously, only women who are sponsored by their husbands or fathers could get work Visa. Men were exempted.

Q: How does this new rule benefit companies/employers?
Companies can now hire employees locally without having to incur employment visa expenses.

Sources: Khaleej Times News



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