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History of Azizi Developments

Azizi Developments is a renowned real estate developer in Dubai. They are dedicated to creating affordable superior housing with a team of professionals who have extensive expertise and experience in development, construction, marketing and sales. Azizi has a diverse portfolio which includes bank and finance, energy, real estate development and construction, hospitality, trading and charity.

Azizi Developments

Azizi Developments began its journey in real estate back in 1989, but the company established itself as a brand and powerful presence in 2007. This was at the time when their first development began to take shape. It was Mirwais Azizi, the founder who inspired modern urban living with a desire to create beautiful homes and communities.

The heart of the story went further than just creating new homes and developments. Mirwais wanted to give back to a city that took him to the top of the world. He believed that every person deserved to live in a place of serenity and security.

He never forgot his past but set upon a new future with a vision to build affordable homes within the client’s budget. He exceeded clients’ expectations by going above and beyond to make their living experience in Dubai an unforgettable one. Azizi Developments today, seek to reflect multi lifestyles in a modern society.

Azizi Developments Dubai

They have an unending commitment and professionalism to understanding the core desire of the client’s goal and designing a unique home that meets industry-standards by providing unrivaled services and support throughout the process. Azizi Developments wants to showcase a new lifestyle that clients can afford, where a community aims to bring people together through work and play.

Azizi’s Expansion into Retail and Improved Lifestyle

Azizi Developments has expanded into the retail sector in Dubai. A plan that came into fruition in August 2019 has seen Azizi invest in 329 units through their retail department. This beautifully crafted community has added dining facilities, shopping outlets and leisure services. Dubai off-plan properties have enhanced retail spaces to increase the interest in brick and mortar outlets. Azizi believes that this integration is mutually beneficial to all parties involved such as the developer and residents. This is a lifestyle-improving option for residents and the opportunity to conduct a successful business for the developer.

Hope for the Future

Dubai Azizi Developments

Dubai off-plan properties have a major presence in the home market in Dubai. Beyond Dubai, Azizi has an ambition to expand into international real estate markets which include European destinations and enhance their profile further. They are the proud developer of more than 200 projects to date, and have made residents’ dreams come true with over 8,200 homes. Azizi Developments not only care about the opportunity to develop in Dubai, but also to make a major impact in the real estate market.

Aziz’s Prolific Profile in Property Development

Their home development projects are worth $12 billion. In 2008 alone, Azizi sold properties worth $1 billion. They believe that transparency is the key to forging long-lasting and trustworthy relationships with their clients. They leverage technology and apply the latest innovation in their real estate projects. They are complete optimists who believe that people want to own a lucrative and valuable asset, even after a long-period of mortgage because in the end it is completely your own home.

List Of Projects by Azizi Developments

FAQs About Azizi Developments:

Can a foreigner own a property in Dubai?
If you are over the age of 21, and meet certain eligibility, you can make an offer for the desired choice of home. Whether you are a first time buyer, or you want to purchase an off-plan property, you will have to meet a set of protocols depending on the type of property.

Describe list price, sale price, appraised value?
List price is usually negotiable as it is the asking price of the property Sale price is what the owner settles at Appraised value will give you a sound idea of the real estate market. You can compare market rates through your real estate developer Azizi Developments.

If I want a mortgage, how do I apply for it?
Many banks and institutions offer mortgages, with pre-approved financing option which lets buyers choose their property. The purchasing process is expedited as a result and if the seller is satisfied, the two parties can sign Sale and Purchase Agreement. There is a 30-day pre-approval validity.

What is transfer fee?
A transfer fee must be paid if you transfer the property to another person. This administrative charge is levied by the property developer.

If a buy a property in Dubai, will I get a Residence Visa?
If you purchase a property in Dubai, you are eligible for a Residence Visa. There is a standard criterion you must meet for you to get the visa. This visa is valid for yourself and family members, which include your spouse and children.


Azizi Properties

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