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What Is UAE Investor Visa?

What Is UAE Investor Visa?

Investors Visa

One of the most important things that a corporate entity requires to stabilize itself is funds. Without proper funding, no business can settle or have a strong base and this is where an investor comes into the picture. An investor is one of the key players behind the establishment of a business entity who provides the lifeline of business. The concept of globalization gave the business entities a chance to go beyond the national boundaries and expand their entities in other regions.

Today, the United Arab Emirates, the land of gold, is considered to be a booming stage for business entities regarding their establishment and expansion. Free trade zones held by the nation makes it a business magnet that attracts foreign investors to invest and set up a business in UAE. If you are an investor and looking for investment opportunities, then you rely on UAE as your investment platform. The nation provides the foreign investors to repatriate the entire capital and profits earned.To give a green go towards your investment decisions in UAE, all you need first and foremost is a valid passport and visa. There are different visa types, but the one you will be needing is an investor visa. In this article, you will get a clear picture of what an investor visa is all about and how to obtain it.

How to Get Investor Visa?

UAE Visa Types

An investor visa is a type of visa that allows a foreign investor to enter, stay, get involved in business activities, and exit a nation. It is a pass that permits the investor to perform different business activities. International investments involve high risk but give a high return as well. An investor visa is issued by the Ministry of UAE for a duration of 3 years and needs to get stamped by UAE Consulate.

The investor visa will provide temporary residence to the holder. Foreign seeking nationals and investors will be eligible to stay in the UAE for a maximum period of 3 years. The visa permits the holder to reside and work in the UAE. Unlike other visas, the investor does not have to have a job offer. Instead, you must be able to show that you can invest in a company or create your own business opportunity.

Let’s say if an investor wants an investor visa for Dubai (also known as Partner Visa Dubai), then for obtaining it, an investor needs to make a deposit of AED 10,000 and the visa charges for Dubai. Once it is nearer to the expiry date, it needs to get renewed to perform the business activities at a future date.If the investor finds that the investment made is not worth and isn’t matching the expected returns, he can opt for cancellation of investor visa.



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