A first-generation Indian entrepreneur Mr. PNC Menon set up Sobha Group in 1976 as a multinational development and investment company in Dubai. Sobha strives for and promotes benchmark quality, best practices and business ethics, customer-centric approach, transparency and timeless value in its established business. They are a trusted brand of excellence and pioneer in a combination of aesthetics, technology and passion.

Sobha Creek Vista Dubai

Sobha delivers their projects from inception to completion, which makes them stand apart from the rest of the property development companies in the region. Their off-plan projects Dubai are detailed and of high-value, timely and with unrivaled quality. It is a craftsmanship to be revered, an artistic marvel in a diverse and exclusive residential community.

Sobha Group is engaged in constructing and developing residential and commercial property developments in Dubai. The company has completed construction in over 400 projects across an area of 81.65 million square feet. Sobha offers super luxury apartments, luxury apartments, aspirational homes, townhouses, villas and row houses.

They have a clear vision on the core requirements of homeowners. With a proven record of 25 years, Sobha Group has an impeccable record on timely delivery and superior quality. As a top-value real estate company they have in-house resources to provide safety, exclusivity and inspiration. It is coveted real estate developments in sought-after locations with artfully-created master designs.

Benefits of buying property in Dubai

Enjoy a superior lifestyle in Dubai with scenic views, idyllic spots and skyscrapers. There is a sense of intrigue and adventure that will impress any resident or visitor who visits this exciting city.

The country’s economy is a significant factor when buying a property in Dubai. When you buy property in Dubai, it is a sound financial choice as the economy is resilient to withstand any challenges that may come its way. There is a sense of security and crime is almost unheard of in the region. You will have peace of mind, let your children play outside, and not worry about thieves at night. Dubai has a strict policy against crime.
When you invest in a home in Dubai, you are eligible to gain a residence visa and work permit, thereafter. There is a criterion, however, for acquiring a residence visa, and there are benefits you are entitled to.

Real estate properties are affordable, and you will gain good value for money in Dubai. Dubai’s real estate development is one of the most affordable markets in the world.


Residents and foreigners alike can have their common questions answered below.

Is it a good investment to buy a home?
A reputable property development company like Sobha Group will advise their clients that purchasing a home is a long-term investment. Buying a home is a sound financial decision and the values of properties are ever-increasing in Dubai.

Why should it be in Dubai?
When making a big decision like purchasing a home, it is significant. There are key factors that will influence your decision. The location, quality, security and amenities come into play. Dubai is a chosen destination for off-plan projects because of the quality of life. It is the ultimate destination that you will read about in any lifestyle magazine.

How about amenities and services?
Sobha Group offers multi-purpose developments that provide recreational facilities at your doorstep. Amenities and services are provided at no additional charge and maintained to the highest standard. Residential communities come complete with dining and shopping outlets, high-fashion stores and chic restaurants. There are leisure and exercise options, superb golfing course, equestrian facilities, swimming pools, gymnasiums and tennis courts.

What if I don’t live there full-time?
If you spend more time outside Dubai, there is a support infrastructure that provides maintenance and security. The facilities management company will ensure that the surrounding is kept in good condition.

I want to learn more about investing in a home in Dubai?
f you decide to invest in a property in Dubai, there is a large amount of information you can access to learn more about how the process of property purchasing works. Browse through the latest property ranges on this web page to get an idea about the prices and other information before purchasing your dream home.
If you are searching to buy the best property in Dubai, Sobha Group is reliable and trustworthy in all their property dealings. You can go through the range of exclusive properties and find your preferred location, type of home, size, range and other details. You can choose between villas, apartments and townhouses. This premium property developer is always at hand to help you find your next home.

List Of Projects by Sobha Group

New launch
Sobha Estates Villas at Sobha Hartland

Beds: 5 & 6Baths: 6: 8438.3

Villas For Sale in Dubai


2 months ago

New launch
Sobha SeaHaven at Dubai Harbour

Bed: 1, 2 & 3Baths: 4: 860.68

Apartments For Sale in Dubai


3 months ago

New launch
Sobha One At Sobha Hartland

Bed: 1, 2, 3 & 4Baths: 5: 537

Apartments For Sale in Dubai


4 months ago



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